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Has Your Business Raised Capital Without Talking To An Attorney?
You May Need One Now.
Get A Business Or Personal Legal
And Financial Checkup.

Business Checkup Offer

Is your business missing out on easy opportunities to improve cash flow? Is there money owed to you that you don't know about? Could you be saving thousands on payroll taxes with a simple change to your business? With a little information about your business, we can prepare a business checkup report for you to answer questions like these.

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Securities & Investing

Raising money for your company is not a Do It Yourself project. Many people who seek investments without getting qualified legal advice commit securities fraud without realizing it. Whether you're raising capital yourself, or have invested in someone who may not have known the law, we can help make sure you're on solid legal ground.

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Wills & Estate Planning

Even if you're just starting out financially, everyone needs a will and estate planning -- it's not just the wealthy whose heirs need protection. Talk to us, and find out what you may not know.

7 Financial Mistakes Families Make

Free 19-Point Financial Health Assessment

Create Your Will

Get Your Business Rolling

The first step to building a successful business is to create a legal entity. But many people mistakenly leave that till after they've become profitable. We offer corporate planning services to provide tax savings, protection, and other advantages to your business. With the Corporate Transparency Act now in force, make sure your small business is in compliance. Contact Us today to avoid costly penalties.

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Begin Your Estate Planning

With over 30 years legal experience, we have plenty of clients with good things to say about our character, expertise, the results we produce, and relationships we have built. Read what a few of our clients have said, and what you can come to expect from our team while working with EVN Law.

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