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Comprehensive Business Formation Services

Starting a business in Utah requires meticulous planning and expert guidance. Our law firm specializes in helping entrepreneurs navigate the complexities of business formation, ensuring your venture is legally sound and primed for success. From drafting essential documents to corporate planning and protection, we provide the support you need to establish a solid foundation for your business. Let us help you turn your business vision into a thriving reality.

Set Your Company Up as a Legal Entity

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  • Save money on taxes.
  • Protect yourself, you family, and your business.
  • Boost business credibility.
  • Free attorney-client meeting with each document created.

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Business Planning FAQ and Resources

What Type of Company Do I Need For My Business?

Corporations and Limited Liability Companies both offer protection from liability to their owners. Both allow you to benefit from tax advantages offered by the IRS.

Limited Liability Companies (LLC) have a more flexible structure. They can be managed by the owners or by a manager. Officers can be appointed, but they are not required. Special provisions can be added to serve a number of different goals or special purposes. If a small number of owners plans to manage a business by themselves, sometimes the simplicity of a Limited Liability Company is preferred.

Corporations are managed by officers and directors. If you have three or more owners (shareholders), then the shareholders must elect at least three directors. The directors must appoint officers, including a President, Treasurer and Secretary. The officers run the day-to-day business of the company. The shareholders and directors meet at least once per year to review the business of the company.

Legal Health Checklist (Free Download)

Are there steps you need to take to ensure that your business is ready for legal issues that may arise? Our Legal Health Checklist will help you assess how well prepared you are, and point out areas where you may be vulnerable.

Download your free Business Legal Health Checklist.

Small Business & Lawsuits (Infographic)

Did you know that 1/3 of small business owners will be sued or threatened with a lawsuit? Even if you haven't done anything wrong, you need to be ready.

We have prepared an infographic outlining some of the risks business owners face and what you can do to protect yourself.

Download the full infographic in PDF (Adobe Acrobat) or PNG format

The EVN Law Advantage

We all know that cheap legal document creation is available online. So should you shop by price, or are there other important factors? Consider this:

First, you need to be aware that legal documents are not "one size fits all". In even the simplest legal situation, your specific circumstances may require customization in ways that fully automated systems cannot address. It's more expensive and more painful to fix problems after the fact (when someone is suing you, for example), than to get it right the first time. There is no safe substitute for an attorney with up-to-date knowledge and experience in the areas of law that are involved.

Second, you may need more than just a set of legal documents. When you discuss your situation with an experienced attorney, we can quickly spot holes that need to be filled and provide you with expert guidance.

Third, there is great value in relationships. Do you know an attorney who thinks of you when they learn things that could benefit you? At EVN Law, we like to share information and help our clients and friends succeed, even when we don't benefit directly. We believe in the value of strengthening our communities. And we know that successful clients are much more likely to bring us business, both for their own needs, and through referrals.

That is why, with each legal document you create with us, EVN Law includes a free attorney-client meeting where we discuss your circumstances and make necessary customizations. We also take the time to get to know you so that we can find more ways to help you succeed.

You have your choice of legal document creation services. We hope you'll choose EVN Law, because we believe that we offer you far more value than you can get by shopping on price alone.

Business Start-Up & Formation Pricing (includes 1-hour attorney consultation)

We offer the following services on a flat-fee basis.  Flat fees must be paid in advance.  For all other matters, our hourly rates generally range from $300- $400.  These prices do not include filing fees.  Client is responsible for providing information necessary to complete legal tasks.  Not all matters involving these types of business transactions will be appropriate for flat fees.

Prices subject to change.  Attorneys reserve the right, in consultation with the client, to adjust fees based on clients needs, matter complexity, or other factors in the attorney's discretion. *Note: The following services are presumed to be for Utah.

Startup Consultation (1 hour)

Form a S- Corporation

$   200


Form an LLC - Single Member

Form an LLC - Two Members

Form an LLC - Three or More Members




Form a Professional Corporation


Form a Nonprofit Corporation (Form 1023 EZ)

Form a Nonprofit Corporation (Form 1023 EZ)


Form a Nonprofit Corporation (Form 1023)


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