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Repairing Securities Law Violations

Be certain you're following the law when raising investment capital.

Many business owners unknowingly violate securities law by soliciting investments without consulting a securities lawyer.

Securities law and SEC rules govern all investment activity in the United States, whether it is conducted through an official stock exchange or is done "informally" between friends. If you have accepted investments in your business, or even invited people to invest without following certain steps, you have likely violated securities law.

The good news is that by taking proactive steps to repair the situation before the SEC comes knocking or one of your investors sues, you can likely avoid most of the penalties.

Whether you are uncertain whether you have followed the law, or know that you have issues needing resolution, EVN Law can help you get the clarity you need and chart a path forward. To discuss what we can do for you, let us know the best phone number where we can reach you or make an appointment.

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