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Announcing EVN Law-Press Release

Posted by Thor Roundy | Jun 04, 2013 | 0 Comments

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June 3, 2013


EVN Law's founder Thor Roundy says that it's time for a new perspective on how to run a law firm. His theory?  Law firms should follow a direct business model.  “If lawyers valued their long-term financial security, there would be no more solo practitioners.  Because of the revenue they can generate, professionals routinely operate practices with little or no asset value.  By showing attorneys a simple business plan, I can demonstrate how their practice can become more valuable and more satisfying,” said Roundy.

Typically, in a law firm the practice of law has to be balanced with the management of the business.  In large law firms, every attorney who is not a partner is overworking themselves to try and make partner.  In a small law firm, the tasks needed to run the business are split between the attorneys. And because solo attorneys run their own businesses, they have less time to give the greatest level of service to their clients.  In each case, you find dissatisfied attorneys and disgruntled clients.  

“Management is the key to building a legal business model,” according to Roundy.  “Lawyers don't learn accounting, marketing or human resource management in law school; and yet most law firms are managed by attorneys.  Those functions should be delegated, and lawyers should receive more support for the work they perform for clients.  That is the only way to maximize revenue and attorney satisfaction.”

The idea for EVN Law, was born from the belief that attorneys should never have to focus on the minutia of managing a business. Kim Pratt, who leads EVN's Marketing & PR commented “EVN provides attorneys with sustained profitability, professional growth, and satisfying work experience by investing in their futures.”

EVN Law currently offers legal services for wills, trusts, and estate planning; the formation and management of new companies (including professional practices); and hourly services such as contract drafting, litigation, and transactional legal counsel.   Thor Roundy founded EVN Law with over 20 years of experience as an attorney and business owner.  He brings a level of prestige and integrity to law and business that is respected and admired by colleagues and clients alike.

Attorneys interested in working for EVN Law can find more information on the company website.  EVN Law is looking for attorneys to open additional offices in states where the firm has not yet established a presence.


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Thor Roundy

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